Pharmacy Jobs


If you have chosen to study pharmacy, then you can look forward to joining an exciting, rewarding field. Pharmacists get the opportunity to work with patients one-on-one and help them improve their health and overall wellbeing. By becoming a pharmacist, you are joining a well-respected and trusted profession. While many people think of pharmacists dispensing medication at local pharmacies, there are many other career opportunities you can pursue with a pharmacy degree.

Robert Lammle is a pharmacist who enjoys the all the opportunities the field has to offer. Here are some of the many jobs pharmacists can pursue:

• Community Pharmacy – Most people associate pharmacists with this type of pharmacy. Community pharmacists work in local retail pharmacies, such as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS pharmacies. Community pharmacists can work directly with patients and administer immunizations and health screenings. They also make sure patient’s medications are dispensed, processed and filled properly and offer advice to walk-ins on over-the-counter medications.

• Hospital Pharmacy – Hospital pharmacists work in a hospital or medical care facility. In addition to dispensing medications, they are also responsible for purchasing, making and testing the pharmaceuticals used in the facility. The have an extensive knowledge of medicine and work closely with other medical professionals to provide patients with the best treatment.

• Long-term Care – Pharmacists who work in long-term care facilities do not work directly with patients. Long-term care facilities are long-term homes that serve individuals who cannot care for themselves, such as nursing homes. The nurses deliver medications to patients and ensure their care, while pharmacists stock and organize the items on the cart for each medication for each specific patient, dose by dose.

• Pharmaceutical Sales – As a pharmaceutical salesperson, you are responsible for marketing your company’s pharmaceuticals to doctors and healthcare professionals. You inform medical specialists on how the drug is used and administered and pitch them the product in hopes that they’ll purchase it and prescribe it to their patients.

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