Pharmacy Automation

  • Over the last decade, pharmacy automation has improved the efficacy of the pharmacy. Robert Lammle Pharmacist has seen this change during his time as a Utah pharmacist. Various popular devices have integrated themselves into the pharmacy such that many consumers might have forgotten that they have not always been there. The following are just a few pharmacy automation technologies
  • Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems count and dispense tablets as well as apply labels to bottles and collate vials for final inspection. A tablet counter is an industry standard in more than 30,000 pharmacies across 35 countries as of 2010.
  • Electronic-prescribing is used by doctors in place of hand-writing prescription notes. It reduces errors and increases patient safety.
  • Automated Kiosks are used in drug stores to find a solution to their illness without the necessity of visiting the doctor. For less severe maladies, the kiosks help consumers find the right over-the-counter products in concern to their illness’ symptoms.