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When many people think of a pharmacy, they just think of a pharmacist filling and handing over your prescription. What many neglect to realize is that pharmacies do a lot more than fill prescriptions. They offer a lot of valuable clinical services as well. Pharmacists are experts in medications and how they work, as well as the side effects related to them. Pharmacists offer advice on medications, deliver flu shots and other immunizations, provide comprehensive medical reviews, and conduct health screenings. Many pharmacies have extended hours and others are open 24/7, so pharmacists are always available to assist their patients. Pharmacists can also help you understand your health insurance plan and put you on the right path to stay healthy.

Here are just some of the many valuable clinical services pharmacies offer:

• Immunizations – Pharmacies provide a variety of immunizations and vaccinations to help you and your family remain healthy. Pharmacists are trained to administer shots and determine if they are right for you. You can receive vaccines for the flu, pneumonia, Hepatitis, chickenpox, HPV, shingles, meningitis and whooping cough.

• Medical Reviews – Medical reviews are valuable for patients who have several health conditions, take multiple prescriptions, or take medication that needs to be monitored. Through a medical review, a pharmacist reviews a patient’s medications and medical history with them. These reviews make patients aware of any possible side effects, determine if the medication is right for them, and reduce the risk of harmful drug interactions.

• Health Screenings – Pharmacies also conduct health screenings, which determine if patients are at risk for heart disease and other illnesses. These screenings interrupt your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and body mass index.

Robert Lammle is a seasoned pharmacist
in Salt Lake City, Utah. He uses his vast knowledge of health, medicine and pharmacology to ensure his patients receive the best treatment and clinical services to stay well.

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