Benefits of Pharmacy Automation

Today, pharmacy automation systems help pharmacists eliminate the tedious process of counting and dispensing medications, allowing more time for one-on-one time with patients. Pharmacist Robert Lammle believes pharmacy automation not only simplifies the pill dispensing process but also it provides patients with greater security and better service.

Pharmacy automation systems safely manage, store, fill, package and label pharmaceuticals. These machines can store over 200 medications in separate, distinct cells to prevent the cross contamination of medications. The systems make prescriptions easy for pick-up, so patients don’t have to spend a long time waiting in line for the pharmacist to fill their prescription. Additionally, pharmacy automation systems can track and manage medications and store customer information, thus providing even more security and convenience for patients and pharmacists.

While his pharmacy automation systems fill and dispense the pharmaceuticals, pharmacist Robert Lammle has more availability to spend with patients. With this extra time, Lammle can assist walk-ins with finding the right over-the-counter medication for their illness, as well as perform patient health screenings and immunizations.

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