Become a Pharmacist

Robert Lammle is an experienced pharmacist who enjoys helping patients feel their best. In order to become a pharmacist, you have to earn your doctorate of pharmacy degree from an accredited college or school of pharmacy and complete a post-doctoral residency program. In order to be accepted into a Pharm. D. program, you must have earned your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. For your Master’s Degree, you must have completed 2 years of specific professional study focusing on mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

Most Pharm. D. programs take 4 years to complete and include courses on drug therapy, professional ethics, public health, business management, and patient care. Along with your course work, you’ll work with a licensed pharmacist to get first-hand experience. If you wish to work in a clinical setting, you will have to complete a post-doctoral residency program or fellowship after earning your Pharm. D. degree. Residency programs provide more first-hand training and often require you to complete a research project. Residency programs usually last one to two years. Once completed, you can take the exams required by your state to earn your license to practice pharmacy.

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