Robert Lammle Pharmacist

Ranked 10th in pharmacy out of 100 pharmacy schools by US News, the University of Utah would be a great school to further your education in pharmacy. Since 1917, the beginning of the pharmacy program, the University of Utah has worked to be the best. Their research program has been ranked 4th in the nation for NIH funded research. The University of Utah College of Pharmacy strives to “discover, develop and disseminate new biomedical knowledge and technology.” There can be no better place to further your pharmacy education than Utah.

Located in Salt Lake City, University of Utah is in the 6th most urbanized population in the US. With 1.2 million residents in the greater Salt Lake City metropolitan area, students are able to enjoy the city feel while studying at the U of U. Robert Lammle, a Utah pharmacist who got his Masters Degree at the University of Utah, loves the hustle and bustle of the city and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. It’s easy to take a break and go on an adventure. In the winter, attempt skiing or snowboarding. When summer approaches, try hiking or fishing. Robert Lammle pharmacist enjoys the metropolitan amenities with the small town feel of Salt Lake City, Utah.